Everything you need to know to make full use of Pragmatic Content’s services.

Who Writes My Content?

Your content is written by our professional in-house team of writers who will provide you with high-standard and neatly-formatted articles that have very high conversion rates. Take our word for it, our content writers would not have been a part of the pragmatic content’s team if they were not capable enough.

Can I see some writing samples?

Yes definitely, you can visit our writing samples for further details

What type of content can you write?

Our team have many experienced writers and we can cater to almost all your needs but yes there are a few topics that we will not write for 

  1. Adult content
  2. Religious content
  3. Illegal topics that include drugs, hacking, piracy, etc
  4. Anything that promotes nudity, sexual acts, etc

Except for these few topics our team can cover almost anything that our customer desires for.

Do you proofread/revise content before delivery?

Yes, before delivering your content we go through it thoroughly we run all the tests on it and proofread it because we want your customers to have a good experience while using our services.

How many secondary keywords can I include?

In addition to your main keywords, you can include 2-3 additional keywords, if you want you can include however many keywords you like but we would suggest against it because if you’re giving us a lot of keywords that will make our job much harder and the quality of the content will suffer from it so we would suggest that you keep this in mind.

Can I change my order?

When you place an order we send you a confirmation email about your order if you want to change it in the processing period of the order then yes we can definitely do it, but if our writers have already started working on it then, unfortunately, we cannot do anything. But if you are still unclear you can contact us at

How do I pay for my order?

You can pay for your order using PayPal, Payoneer, etc

When will I get my order?

We try to deliver your order in shortest possible time after you have placed the order we will start processing it and you will get the details on your mail about when your order will be delivered.

Need more information?

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